Here’s looking at you

Here’s Looking At You is an ongoing photographic performance focusing on historically gendered spaces and the female body.

The Club

“The Club” was shot in San Francisco’s Dolphin Club, a private swim club that accepted only male members until the mid 1970’s. Painter Joan Brown was among a group of women who successfully sued the club to become members. The room pictured, now a gym, is featured in Brown’s painting, The Night Before the Alcatraz Swim.

The Club_Final_Website.jpg

The Shop

Even as an artist and maker, I have a tenuous relationship to “The Shop”. It is a space I use but never feel at home in. I instinctively try to remove gender signifiers when I enter. Calling on the language of art history, I have inserted by body into the space in a way that fulfills both my worst fears of vulnerability and my hopes for empowerment.

The Shop_Final_Website.jpg

The Board Room

I’ve spent time in many rooms like this one. Sometimes I get a seat at the table, sometimes I pour the coffee –both require a full performance.

The Board Room_Final_Website.jpg

Installation at the Mills College Art Museum